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Soul Portals: Exploring Psychospiritual Horizons

Cedric Speyer & DeeAnna Nagel

An hour’s glimpse into the visions of teachers and guides who inspire others to live in a bigger story of meaning and purpose.

Most people who seek coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, or spiritual guidance have some sense that there is more to life than their life situation. And even though the average person in the 21st Century can find sustaining the basics of sanity and well-being a challenge, there is still a larger vision of possibilities inherent in our nature that we can cultivate to live more expansively. Yet where can we turn in the maelstrom of the modern world, to restore and support our faith in the best of human nature?

In this podcast series, Cedric Speyer and DeeAnna Nagel meet in conversation with psychospiritual pathfinders to hear their nuanced voices of wisdom and explore their vision of what it means to be fully human. The story of their sacred work and journey opens portals to the landscape of what the soul wants. You might not have heard of them on network news or on other podcasts. Yet their perspective introduces much needed modes of ‘soul work’.

Unlike ego strength, soul strength is not just the sum of mental and emotional health, optimum personality congruency, and successful living skills. Soul work goes further, invoking the spiritual awareness and values emerging at the growing edge of our life purpose. It points to the intersection of one’s personal path and professional practice, where individual gifts and what the world may need, meet. It allows us to answer the call within, yet beyond ourselves.

Join us once a month to hear an hour of ‘soul talk’ with those making beautiful contributions to our personal and collective evolution.

Your Soul Portals hosts:

Cedric M. Speyer, M.A., M.Ed., RP, is an author, Registered Psychotherapist, and presently a mentor to coaches, counsellors, and therapists. He pioneered E-counselling in Canada, overseeing 100K online cases before establishing InnerView Guidance International (IGI). The vision of IGI brings together the historically separate domains of mental health and spiritual awareness in a new synthesis for the helping professions.

DeeAnna Merz Nagel, D.Th., LPC, LMHC, BCC, is a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified coach. DeeAnna teaches the ethical integration of alternative and psychospiritual approaches for coaches and therapists. She holds several certifications in the healing arts including Reiki and aromatherapy. DeeAnna’s doctoral studies focused on multifaith spiritual direction.

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